About Hailicare

At HailiCare, we care about your beauty & health.


We spend a lot of time choosing what’s good. With HailiCare, there's no compromise.

In a world where everyone is striving for good - good food, good health, a good night’s sleep; our face and health care tools should be good for us too. It’s more than tools, it’s good for you.


HailiCare was created in 2013, born from a demand by a society that was becoming more and more conscious of their health, lifestyle and environmental choices. Exercise, diet and food labelling were all hotly discussed topics. Skincare was also becoming increasingly important, however while people were trying to avoid toxins and harsh chemicals during their morning and evening skincare routine. People all realised that It is indispensable to restore skin to its optimum health maintenance and skin care vitality.

HailiCare is one of the world registered brands, which focus on home use tools and device in health care and skin beauty field. Products include beauty skin care devices, tools, massager, home improvement gadget, health care device, decompression back belt, shoulder brace belt etc. And it owned several Intellectual property certificate and International quality certification such as CE, ROHS, FDA...

In the operation process, we adhering to enterprise spirit of ‘integrity and innovation, efficiency, win-win idea’, We continuously implement technological innovation and market innovation in the business process. Providing global customers with beauty and health products with fun, fresher and effective health care and skin care experience. We engage our customers at every touchpoint to help them feel confident in their skin and make it easier to achieve a healthy balance, inside and out. 

Our mission is to provide quality health & beauty stuff for customers around the world at affordable prices. We work hard to fulfilling this mission by building long-term supplier relationships and directly do business with factories to help you save more. And we provide a wide range of business cooperation models and channel market expansion for all partners and suppliers. We focus on building quality products and trusted relationships with our customers. All of our products are strictly tested before shipped out and guaranteed to be cruelty-free. We want to create a better life for all people impacted by our business. So it will achieve a win-win situation between us.


Be healthy and beautiful with HailiCare.