Hailicare adjustable Smart Intelligent Posture Corrector

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Hailicare adjustable Smart Intelligent Posture Corrector


1.Improve Posture-Double back support
provides more effective support, pulling your muscles and spine back to their original position to improve posture. 
If you are sitting in the office and classroom all day, wearing this posture stand can be a good way to relieve laziness, hump and ease neck or shoulder pain, and improve overall spinal health. Similarly, keeping your posture straight increases confidence and makes you look more attractive.
2. Electric design
It can better remind you to maintain a good posture. 
If your posture is incorrect, the correction belt will vibrate to remind the owner to maintain the correct posture. 
This design is unprecedented and it is wonderful. It can be used for 15 days after charging for one hour. Longer standby time. 
Better protect your body.
3.Soft and comfortable
Comfortable and height-adjustable-Made of durable, high-quality fabric for long-lasting support of the back. Soft and comfortable, it will not penetrate your skin and ensure comfortable wearing, so you don't have to rub underarms when wearing. 
The mesh design makes it breathable and never feels stuffy. The elastic band can be adjusted to a comfortable level.
Double support provides strong support for the back and stabilizes and supports your shoulders, chest and back. 
Gradually wear it for 1-2 hours a day and you will feel different. Posture corrector for men, women and children! 
4.Suitable for all people
Adjustable Size, suitable for men, women and children
Ideal for students and workaholics who have problematic postures sitting at their desks all day.
Package included:

1 x Smart Posture Corrector (in retail box)


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HailiCare was created in 2013, born from a demand by a society that was becoming more and more conscious of their health, lifestyle and environmental choices. Exercise, diet and food labelling were all hotly discussed topics. Skincare was also becoming increasingly important, however while people were trying to avoid toxins and harsh chemicals during their morning and evening skincare routine. People all realised that It is indispensable to restore skin to its optimum health maintenance and skin care vitality.