Hailicare 2-in-1 Tumbler Face Massager

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Hailicare 2-in-1 Tumbler Face Massager



  1. Tumbler structure design,just optionally place it and do worry about it to fall down.
  2. Function: EMS (micro-current) + vibration massage,use weak current to stimulate muscles and lymph, contract muscles, decrease the level of dropsy improve contour, tighten skin, activate vitality, relieve pain.the vibration frequency of 10000rpm can effectively massage the skin, relieve fatigue and promote blood circulation.
  3. It comes with two removable massage heads of different shapes: water drop head is suitable for eyes and skin around nose, flat head is suitable for face, forehead, neck and other parts.
  4. Induction switch design, easy to control and use.Please be sure to touch the metal part at the bottom of the instrument with your palm to form a current loop.The indicator light is blue when the instrument is working.
  5. Rechargeable design, small size, easy to carry.


Material: ABS+metal alloy

Color: white

Size: 5.5x5.5x8.6

Weight: 100g

Micro-current: 10mA

Vibration frequency: 8500±2000rpm

Battery capacity: 180mAh

Rated power: 0.3W

Packing include:

1* EMS Face Massager (with a flat head)

1* Replaceable Water Drop Head

1* USB Charging Cord

1* User Manual

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HailiCare was created in 2013, born from a demand by a society that was becoming more and more conscious of their health, lifestyle and environmental choices. Exercise, diet and food labelling were all hotly discussed topics. Skincare was also becoming increasingly important, however while people were trying to avoid toxins and harsh chemicals during their morning and evening skincare routine. People all realised that It is indispensable to restore skin to its optimum health maintenance and skin care vitality.