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Natural Teeth Whitening Powder Smoke Coffee Tea Stain Remover

Natural Teeth Whitening Powder Smoke Coffee Tea Stain Remover


with Tooth Brush
It offers a natural alternative for your entire family to promote healthy teeth and gums without toxic ingredients.
Fine black powder, it can be used as a toothpaste replacement OR in addition to your toothpaste, helping your teeth and gum stay healthy.
It's specially formulated to ensure even the most delicate teeth won’t suffer.

Usage and safty : Be cautious when opening the jar, and during use. The powder can be messy if you're not careful, but is easily wiped up. Do not swallow. Gently brush your teeth with our activated charcoal daily for 30 days to ensure best results

How to Use ?
With a small spoon, or a pinch of your fingers, apply a small amount of powder to the palm of your hand. Apply a moist tooth brush, and brush for two minutes. Afterward, brush again to remove remaining powder from teeth (using water or your normal toothpaste)

The bamboo toothbrush
Environmental protection: the bamboo toothbrushes are a great way to help keep the earth green.
Ergonomic Handle: Deep Cleaning Bristle Shape, Aesthetic Design
Easy to Carry: Guest Bathroom Toothbrush, Travel toothbrush & Camping Toothbrush

The bamboo toothpaste
100% NATURAL ingredients
ALL-PURPOSE: Removing dental stains, whitening teeth, killing oral inflammation, treating oral ulcers and bleeding gums, and keeping all common oral diseases at bay.
FRESH BREATH: How about a fresh breath all day long? This product makes your teeth sparkling white and gives you a fresh breath that improves your public confidence all-day long.


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