Which Hairstyle Is Best For You?

Which Hairstyle Is Best For You?


Today, there is an increasing number of different styles of hair. Meanwhile, Hairstylists create a variety of hairstyles for you by dyeing hair or curls. But according to most of the hairstylists , popular hairstyles are not suitable for everyone, hairstylists usually help customers find a good style for the shape of their face. Because they insist that everyone has different face types, different face shapes are suitable for different hairstyles. However, first, you should explore what hairstyles work best for your face shape.

How many types of face shape?

 There are six types of face shape: Square shape, Round shape, Heart shape, Diamond shape, Oblong shape, and Oval shape.


How to know which face types are yours?

 Maybe you will ask your friend, which type does your face belong to? Your friend will judge your face shape based on her cognition. In fact, the results obtained in this way are not accurate. Because of your friend's perception of the face may be wrong. Fortunately, here I will tell you how to judge your face, just a few simple steps. It is easy for you to test your face shape.

Step One: Find the widest position on your face.      
1. Your forehead is the widest
2. Your cheekbone is the widest
3. Your chin is the widest.







Step Two: Measure the length and width of the face.
1.The length more than the width
2.The width more than the length

Three: Compare the width of the forehead and jaw

1. The forehead is as wide as the jaw stop

2.The forehead is wider than the jaw

3. The jaw is wider than the forehead

Step Four: Judge the outline of your chin

1.Pointy chin

2.Square chin

3.Round chin


The test result is here.

Square shape:1212、1213、2212、2231、2233、3212、3231、3232、3233

Round shape:2213、2223、2233

Oblong shape:1111、1112、1113、11221、1123、1211、2111、2121、2122、2131、3111、3113、3132、3133

Heart shape:1221、1222

Diamond shape:2111

Oval shape:2211、2221、2222


What kind of hairstyle is suitable for six different face types?


1.Square face

Because the ratio of the longitudinal line and the tibial line of the square face is close to 1:1, the ratio of the tibial line to the jawline is also close to 1:1. Therefore, it is recommended to use short hair as the main length, just to cover the square, or Choose bias. In addition,full fringe hairstyle is suitable for a square face.


2.Round face

The ratio of the cheekbone line and the longitudinal line of the round face is close to 1:1. The face line is round, and it has no special angular shape. Therefore, such a face type is not suitable for oversized hairstyle, and the lateral vision will be enlarged to look more rounded. So I recommend girls who have a round face should choose bun or ringlet or wispy fringes.


3.Oval face                                                                                             

The longitudinal line is slightly longer than the tibia line. The jawline and the humerus line are similar. The length and width of the face are about 4:3. Therefore, there is no defect in the oval face. People with oval faces are suitable for any hairstyle.


4.Oblong face

The ratio of the longitudinal line to the tibial line is 1.5:1, which means that the face is longer. This type of face is suitable for 37 points partial oblique fringe or Large curve.


5.Heart-shape face

The Heart-shape face looks a bit like a heart, so it is called a Heart-shape face. It is a perfect face. I recommend central parting or bob.


6.Diamond face

The longitudinal line is much longer than the humeral line. The entire face has an aspect ratio of 1.5:1. The problem is that the temple is sunken or the forehead is too large. It is recommended to cut 37 points partial oblique fringe or full fringe or bangs.

Of course, choosing the best hairstyle for everyone is important, but hair care is also essential. I recommend Laser Massage Comb to care for the hair . Laser Massage Comb can help you enhance your blood circulation, so that the oxygen and nutrients can be sent to the hair follicles, to prevent hair loss effect. Will you get one for yourself?



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