Wearing Makeup During a Workout: Is it Bad for Your Skin?


Fitness, sports, and workouts are a big part of many people’s regular routine. But, for women, working out during the day means heading to the gym with a full face of makeup leftover from the day. You may wonder: is it bad to wear makeup during a workout?”. After all, it seems like sweat and makeup can easily clog your pores, complicating your skin care routine.


Here, we’ll explore how workouts can impact you to learn whether or not makeup and fitness make a good pair.


Makeup’s Impact On Our Pores

Makeup can have a huge effect on the health of our skin. For one, makeup like liquid foundation, powder, blush, and similar products can block off our pores. This can harm our skin care routine for a few reasons:

  • When makeup blocks your pores, oxygen can’t reach them and they’ll be unable to breathe.
  • When pores can’t breathe, any impurities become trapped and can lead to breakouts.
  • Applying makeup over clogged pores reduces their ability to flush out the impurities causing the acne. So, it won’t heal as quickly or as efficiently when we workout and engage in fitness activities.


Workouts: The Impact on Your Skin and Body

Your skin is impacted in a few main ways when you work out:

  • With fitness, sports, and working out, our pores open up as more blood is circulated throughout the body.
  • When we work out, we sweat. Sweat can help get rid of any excess oil and impurities in our skin, especially since our pores are so open.
  • More blood cells reach the skin when we exercise because more blood is pumping in our bodies. Those blood cells can help heal damaged skin more effectively.


So, if you’ve ever asked the question: “Why does skin glow after workouts?” it’s because sweat helps get rid of debris that can get trapped in your pores. Plus, the extra blood circulation leaves your skin healthier than it was before!

With all that said about how your pores react to a workout, let’s talk about the importance of working out for your overall health. Working out is crucial for strengthening your muscles and maintaining a lean physique. Plus, fitness keeps your heart healthy and lowers your risk for all sorts of diseases, including diabetes, obesity, and even cancer.

Exercise tools can help you make the most of your workout. To strengthen your abs, we recommend the Abdominal Muscle Training Stimulator. This tool will help you burn fat, strengthen muscles, and make the most out of your fitness routine.


The Verdict: Is It Bad to Wear Makeup During a Workout?

When it comes down to it, wearing makeup during a workout can lead to clogged pores. Plus, you’ll miss out on the benefits that working out provides to the skin, such as sweat flushing out toxins and blood flow repairing damaged skin.


How to Care For Your Skin Before and After a Workout

Follow these tips for how to care for your skin before and after a workout:

  • If you have an outdoor fitness or sports routine, wash your face and apply sunscreen before working out.
  • If you’re wearing makeup prior to a workout (leftover from work, for example), wipe it off with makeup remover. Then, gently cleanse your face and use a small amount of moisturizer.
  • After your workout, wash your face to remove sweat from the surface of your skin. Again, apply moisturizer, as losing fluids through sweat could dehydrate your skin.


Working out can work wonders for your skin care routine. But, it’s best to be makeup-free when you are doing a workout for clear, healthy skin.