Tips To Make a Perfect Summer Skin Care Routine


Creating the perfect summer skin care routine can be a tricky process. With the hot sun beating down, we’re all at a higher risk for sunburn. Plus, the sweltering temperatures are bound to make you sweat outside, which can lead to clogged pores.

Thankfully, we have simple skin care tips especially for the summer months. With these easy tricks, you’ll have glowing summer skin in no time!



We can’t stress the importance of wearing sunscreen during the summer months enough! This skin care product is essential to maintaining healthy, hydrated, and youthful-looking skin.

The sun’s intense rays can not only cause sunburn, but also increase signs of skin aging, like age marks and discoloration. In the summer, we all want to head outside and enjoy the warm weather - and we should! But it’s crucial to apply a generous layer of sunscreen to your face and body 15 minutes before you leave the house. Trust us - this is the biggest step that you can take towards healthy, radiant skin during the summer.


Face Masks

Face masks are one of our top skin care tricks for dry, sunburned skin. Masks are left on for a set period of time, so your pores have a chance to absorb all of the goodness that a skin mask can offer.

Our favorite face mask for summer is one made by the HailiCare Face Mask Maker Machine. This incredible device creates a facial from any natural ingredients of your choice. So, you can create a face mask especially for your personal skin care needs! Whether it be tea, fruits, honey, vegetables, essential oils, or another all-natural ingredient, the mask you make with this machine will spread evenly across your skin. When the treatment is done, your skin will be left soft, supple, and beautiful.

Face masks are a fabulous treatment for your skin during the summer, but they’re also a wonderful way to wind down and relax. When you’ve been out in the sun all day, there’s nothing better than putting on a face mask and letting the rest of the world melt away.


Steaming to Clear Impurities

Sweat and impurities in the air can clog our pores, especially in hot, humid summer weather. Steaming is one of the most effective treatments to add to your routine for regular pore-clearing benefits. While some people may assume that you have to purchase a pricey spa treatment to steam your skin, you can actually do it right at home with the DIY Facial Steamer from HailiCare.

This compact skin care device generates finer steam than other types of steamers, which effectively coaxes impurities out of your pores for clear skin. It even has a built-in steam pad where you may place natural ingredients like fruit or cucumber slices for added nutrient benefits.



Skin care is super important, especially during the summer when you’re out in the sun. Applying sunscreen, regularly wearing face masks, and steaming your skin are our go-to treatments for flawless summer skin. By making these tips a part of your summer routine, you’ll start to love how your skin looks and feels, even in the dead of summer!