Tips to Help You Look Perfect in Every Group Photo

Tips to Help You Look Perfect in Every Group Photo


We’ve all experienced the disappointment of being in a photo with a group of friends and feeling like we fade into the background. Everyone hopes for flattering pictures of themselves, but when you’re in a large group, the pressure to look stunning seems even more intense than usual. Here, we’ve rounded up our best tips for how to look your best in a group photo. From your makeup routine to your style choices, you’ll get the best group photo ever when you try out these simple tricks.


How Do You Stand Out in a Group Photo?


You can make an impact in a group photo by strategically applying your makeup to enhance the stereoscopic effect in the image. To do this:


1. Bump up the brightness of your base.

Apply a good base in a bright shade to flatter your face on camera. Faces in a group photo aren’t always clear, so viewers will notice the skin and facial features. If your skin tone is uneven, use a primer for a flawless complexion.


2. Pay attention to the color of your eyebrows and lips.

In group pictures, the colors of your eyebrows and lips should be bright, too. For the lips, cerise and rose are flattering options for most people. The color of the eyebrows should balance out with the lip color. If the lip color is especially bright, opt for a more muted eyebrow tone, and vice versa.


3. Make the facial features appear closer together.

In photographs, you can create the illusion of more compactness in the facial features for a more complementary look. Aim to shorten the distance between the eyes and the eyebrows by bringing the eyebrows down slightly. Also, shade the sides of the nose so that the eyes appear closer together.



In a group pictures, smooth, frizz-free hair can make you stand out instantly. Sleek hair comes down to a diligent hair care routine with shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask that suits your hair type. But, if you need a quick hair fix right before a group photo, we highly recommend a Broken Hair Finishing Stick. It fits right in your purse and can smooth out frizzy hair or fly-aways in an instant.



To achieve the best group photo, clothing is key. Of course, there are some group pictures in which you’ll all be wearing a uniform. This can happen if you’re on a sports team, in a performing group, or attending a school that requires a uniform. But, if the clothing choice is up to you, you’ll want to wear garments that stand out, as well as flatter your figure.

Follow these tips for how to look your best in a group photo with eye-catching clothing:


1. Emphasize your strengths and disguise your weaknesses.

We all have body strengths and weaknesses. Show off your best attributes while covering up your shortcomings in group photos with the clothes that you wear. If you have a large trapezius, steer clear of vests, camisoles, and off-the-shoulder tops. If your legs aren’t the slimmest part of you, long skirts and straight (not fitted) pants are great options for you.


2. Choose colored clothes in flattering shades.

Bright colors look lovely in group photos. Certain shades look better against your skin tone than others, so select shades that complement your natural coloring.


3. Expose the skin tastefully in a way that works for you.

Exposed skin can be striking and beautiful in group photos when done tastefully. Recognize the best parts of your body, whether it be your legs, midriff, arms, etc., and show some skin in that area. This will make you stand out from the crowd while looking your best.


Group Photos with Friends

In group pictures with your friends, you don’t need as high of a concentration of makeup. The photo will be for you and your friends to cherish; it’s not necessarily a glamour shot. So:

  • Apply a light base with subtle highlights.
  • Use an eyeshadow shade that you use frequently.
  • Red lips aren’t necessarily; apply a lip color that complements your natural shade.



Knowing how to look better in group photos will enable you to stand out in any crowd when the camera clicks. Looking beautiful in any photo will not only boost your confidence, but also give you plenty of great material to post on your social media accounts. So, following the simple tips listed above to look perfect in every group photo.

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