The Right Way to Wear Sunscreen

The Right Way to Wear Sunscreen

Choose different indexes of sunscreen

First of all, it is necessary to explain the misunderstanding: the higher the sunscreen index applied, the better!
When we choose the sunscreen to apply, it should be based on the UV exposure. If the UV index is high, you must choose a high-index sunscreen.But if it is just like a daily commute on a cloudy day, in fact, the sunscreen of SPF15 is enough.
After all, higher sunscreen index generally means higher sunscreen dosage, more complex ingredients, more greasy skin feeling, and greater burden on the skin.

The correct way to apply sunscreen

 Sufficient amount of sunscreen

It is generally accepted that the amount of sunscreen applied to the entire face needs to be 1 coin size, and the "one coin" here refers to 25 cents coin, which is about 24.3mm.

  • First of all, because when our skin is magnified under microscope, it is actually ups and downs. If the amount is too small, the skin folds cannot be filled with sunscreen, so the layer of "protection net" that sunscreen forms on our face will be flawed.
  • Moreover, there is no so-called “completely waterproof and sweat-proof” sunscreen on the market. Sunscreens will always fall off with our sweat and wiping. If the amount is small, sun protection will not be very enough. Then you may need a face mask machine to give you a face repairing spa.


 Remember to be gentle

Please stick out your fingers, use your fingertips to gently place the sunscreen on your face, then spread evenly with the fingertips in the same direction, and then gently press.


 let the sunscreen form a film (time: 15min-30min)

Have you ever wondered why sunscreen needs to form a film?

  1. For a better skin feel. Because many sunscreens are greasy when they are just on the face, but after a while, the greasy feeling of the face will be much lower due to factors such as the evaporation of alcohol and oily substances.
  2. To form an efficient closed “sunscreen net” on the face. When a sufficient amount of sunscreen has just been rubbed onto the face, it should be a bunch of water, alcohol (if any), oily substances, and sunscreen ingredients. At this time, the sunscreen is like "distributing soldiers", when water, ethanol, and tangible substances evaporated, the sunscreen ingredients will automatically collaborate and form a dense layer of “protective net” to prevent UV rays from invading.
  3. Play a better role on your face. If you apply a water-resistant sunscreen, the formation of “water resistance” will take time. Generally, sunscreen is emulsified and designed to be "oil-in-water". Imagine that the sunscreen in this form is watery, and how can it be resistant to water? Therefore, it is necessary to give it enough time to volatilize the water to form a protective "water-resistant film".


Sunscreen reapplying

According to the standards set by the American Health Association, it is best to apply sunscreen once every two hours in a normal outdoor scene. However, if it is on the plateau or the seaside with strong UV rays, it is better to apply it once in an hour.

 How to reapply sunscreen while wearing the makeup?

It is better to use a pressed powder or a loose powder with sunscreen ability. Before reapplying sunscreen, you may need to remove the oil and sweat from your face.

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