Skin Care Mistakes that Make Your Skin Sensitive

Skin Care Mistakes that Make Your Skin Sensitive


More and more people are becoming sensitive skin, but what’s the reason for this phenomenon? The following five daily skin care mistakes may make you taking steps into sensitive skin, let's take care and avoid them.


1. Use an irritating facial cleanser

Many people use facial cleansers containing irritating ingredients, which may cause damage to the sebum membrane and the cuticle lipid. In the long-term, the skin barrier may be impaired, and the vicious circle may start: a decrease in skin protection leads to the entry of inflammatory substances; inflammation causes itching and further reduction of the skin barrier. The result is that the skin cannot retain moisture. Therefore, for the countermeasures to wash face cleaning, there are the following points to note:

• Use mild cleansing products such as mild amino acid facial cleanser and non-foaming cleanser. It is not recommended to use cleansing products containing SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES.

• Don’t use overheated water to clean your face;

• Avoid frequent face care in beauty salons.


2. Without using moisturizer

For dry skin, the possibility of developing into sensitive skin is very high. In the cold environment, the stratum corneum becomes more brittle, and it is easy to cause damage to the skin barrier.

Therefore, dry skin should apply moisturizers or other related products at least twice a day. For example, in an air-conditioned environment, air humidifiers and spring sprays can be used. In order to replenish water, you can also use a mask machine to make facial spas at home.


3. Without sun protection

Sunscreen is a daily essential product, because sunlight not only causes sunburn and aging but also destroys the barrier of the skin.

Sun exposure will increase the dryness of the skin, and UV rays inhibit the growth of skin enzymes, thereby destroying the function of locking water. Sun exposure also reduces the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin which can introduce moisture into the skin. 


4. Excessive skin care steps

Some people like to use the products of various brands to match. This combination is generally selected according to the best products of each brand. The ideal is good, but in reality it may not be good for the skin. There are many ingredients in one brand's products. The products of several brands have different ingredients. So many ingredients are superimposed together, and the types of ingredients that are not needed are quite large.

Therefore, streamlined skin care is an important principle to prevent becoming sensitive skin.


5. Use face acids freely

Face acid is not for everyone. Although it sounds amazing and can even solve many skin problems that bother you, it is not suitable for sensitive skin. Keep in mind that only those with a stable skin barrier are suitable for face acid, otherwise it will cause more damage to your skin. If you are really interested in face acid, you can consult your doctor first, don't use it freely.


The five skin care mistakes above are mistakes that will bring you sensitive skin in daily care, which deserves attention.

Healthy and glowing skin is hard to come by, and it needs to be maintained and cherished!

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