Should I Refrigerate My Skin Care Products?


When it comes to our beloved skin care products, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make them last longer. Beauty products can (unfortunately) break down and go bad over time, leading to questions over the effectiveness of refrigeration on skin care products. Nowadays, you’ll even see beauty fridges designed especially for storing beauty products at low temperatures. With the problems heat caused to skin care products in the past, this is hardly surprising. But, what is the purpose of a skin care fridge? Should you keep skin care products in the fridge? These questions are prevalent among beauty gurus, and we’ve set out to answer them.


Does Heat Affect Skin Care Products?

When exposed to heat, face masks, moisturizers, makeup, and other beauty products can deteriorate. This is because heat facilitates chemical reactions like oxidation, when air reaches oil. Additionally, bacteria can grow more quickly and easily at high temperatures, prompting many of the problems heat causes to skin care products.

In high temperatures and humidity, some beauty products can become thin, runny, broken, or oily. This lessens their effectiveness and makes them more difficult to apply.


What is the Purpose of a Skin Care Fridge?

There are multiple brands of skin care fridge out there today. But, what’s the purpose of a skin care fridge, anyway? The answer is actually quite simple:

  • A skin care fridge is designed to be a storage place for your skin care and beauty products to make them last longer. This mini fridge protects your skin care products against heat and humidity. It functions just like your kitchen refrigerator but gives you a separate, convenient place for beauty products.


Should You Keep Skin Care Products in the Fridge?

Keeping your skin care products in the fridge can provide you with many benefits, including:

  • Protecting the active ingredients in your beauty products.
  • Protecting beauty products against chemical reactions.
  • Keeping beauty products in their original condition for longer.
  • Prolonging the time before beauty products go bad.
  • Having beauty products at a refreshing temperature for more pleasant application.

You may be wondering if skin care products will be damp after they’re stored in the fridge. The simple answer is: no. While the temperature in the fridge is low, the humidity level is still lower than unrefrigerated air at high temperatures.

Refrigeration is even more important for DIY beauty products. For example, face masks made with our DIY Mini Face Mask Maker will stay in great condition for longer when they’re stored in the fridge. So, you can reap the benefits of a fruit and vegetable face mask for longer time.



We know that you put a lot of time and care into your skin care and beauty routine. Your beauty product collection can be protected and stay effective for even longer when you store it in the fridge. Keeping skin care products in the fridge is the next step in innovative beauty practices, and we’re totally here for it!