Do You Really Know About Blackheads?


In daily skincare, cleaning is an essential step. During the cleaning process, the difficult problem for everyone is how to be completely clean blackheads? I believe that many people have been plagued by blackheads and acne for a long time. I know how annoying they can be. If you’re trying to get rid of those pesky little black dots be sure to keep on reading.


1. What is blackhead?

Blackhead, also known as blackhead acne, is mainly due to the blockage of the pore by lipid, bacteria, dust and other substances secreted by the skin. These residual substances become black and hard after oxidation, forming an ugly blackhead, blocking in the pore. So that the pore looks large, affecting the smoothness of the skin. Someone said, "I've been on my way to get rid of blackheads."I say you’re not alone, we really mean it. Because the entire Internet is obsessed with blackheads.


I must tell you that blackheads will not be eliminated at once. Even for the first time, the blackhead was removed. It will revive soon. Although you don't want to accept this theory, I regret to tell you that it is a common fact. So you have to know that blackhead removal is a periodic cleaning job.



2. What are the wrong ways to get rid of blackheads


Use blackhead nasal strip


Blackhead nasal sticker is used to tear the way to export blackheads,which can easily cause the pores to become larger, bacteria and dust in the air into the pores, resulting in new blackheads.


Squeezing my hands

Most people see blackheads on their noses through mirrors, may squeeze them with their hands, and happily say "finally squeeze the blackheads out." But this method can stimulate the secretion of skin grease, resulting in excess oil, resulting in blackheads more easily generated. In addition, if overexertion, it will damage the skin, prone to skin inflammation and other issues.


3. What are the hazards of blackheads?

Many friends turn a blind eye to such problems. In fact, such problems are harmful to the human body. Especially some friends who do not deal with blackheads for a long time, sometimes the skin problem even causes some serious consequences.


Firstly, if you have too many blackheads on your nose, it will turn into a strawberry nose. Strawberry nose is a very ugly disease, it will make our face look very ugly.


Secondly, the blockage of blackheads on facial pore will lead to some adverse skin reactions. A long-time will lead to the growth of acne.


Thirdly, People with sensitive skin and poor skin quality, if combined with irregular work and rest time and unreasonable diet, it may lead to very poor health of the skin, at this time there may be inflammation symptoms. this situation is a more serious type, but this situation is not very common.

4.IS the blackhead remover useful?


 Blackhead remover combines technology and beauty, it can effectively help us remove blackheads. Blackhead remover uses vacuum remote technology. Under the action of negative pressure, it can help the pore shrink. Unlike blackhead nasal strip, blackhead remover can effectively control the strength and has more security and effectiveness.

 Blackhead remover can effectively help us remove blackheads without harming the skin. Compared with the traditional way of removing blackheads, we have to admit that blackhead remover is a better choice. However, blackhead remover is caused by many factors. In daily life, an unhealthy diet and chaotic working and sleeping time will promote the formation of blackheads. Therefore, in order to remove blackheads thoroughly, besides regular cleaning with blackheads, we need to exercise more, eat healthy food and regular work and rest time.