How to: The Perfect Ponytail Tutorial


Do you struggle to achieve a perfect ponytail? This classic hairstyle can cause serious trouble for some women, making it difficult to create a flattering updo. In this article, we’ll give you some quick tips for creating the ideal ponytail, no matter your head shape. With this tutorial, you’ll look better in a ponytail than ever before.


Why Can’t I Create a Beautiful Ponytail?

There are several reasons why you may be struggling to create a stunning ponytail. But, the most common reason is that your head shape is getting in your way.

If you have a flat head, it’s trickier to create a ponytail because the band will be more likely to slide off the back of your head. This can create a loose, messy look. As we’ll cover in the tutorial below, a high ponytail will work best for people with flat heads.

Additionally, if you’re struggling to make a ponytail, it’s best to avoid the half up half down hairstyle. This look accentuates the look of a loose or messy ponytail and can be unflattering for many women.

If you can’t seem to keep this popular hairstyle in place, an old, stretched out, or low-quality hair band may be to blame. We suggest using rubber hair bands for extra grip.

Slightly curling your hair can also be the key to a successful ponytail. Curls add texture to make your ponytail pop and keep it from slipping.

For natural-looking curls, we suggest using a curl sponge. This simple hairstyle tool is a low-cost and low-maintenance way to create soft, playful curls to accent your ponytail.


The Perfect Ponytail Tutorial

This tutorial contains all of the info that you need to create a neat, sophisticated ponytail. No matter your head shape, you can nail this hairstyle by keeping these tips in mind.

  • Start with a rubber ponytail band for a more secure grip.
  • Find the right spot on your head. If you have a flatter head, a high ponytail just above the crown of the head will stay far more secure than a ponytail at the back of your head.
  • Brush your hair gently with a brush, starting by detangling the ends and working up to the roots.
  • Put down the hairbrush and use your hands to pull your hair back into a ponytail on the desired spot of your head, then use a rubber band to secure it.
  • If you need a ponytail with super long-lasting hold, take a few bobby pins and secure the ponytail band to the hair underneath the band.
  • If you’re struggling with fly-away hairs, use a small amount of hairspray or a broken hair finishing stick to slick by stubborn hairs.
  • For a sleeker, more formal look, conceal the ponytail band with your hair. Take a section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the band. Then, secure it in place with bobby pins, making sure that the pins are hidden underneath the ponytail base.


The ponytail is a versatile hairstyle that you can enjoy for all different occasions. Now that you know all of our tricks for creating the perfect updo, you can start wearing a ponytail with ease.