How to make your eyes more beautiful

How to make your eyes more beautiful



Eyes have a great impact on a person's look. Today we will talk about how to make our eyes more beautiful through makeup and personal habits.


  1. Why are your eyes unglamorous?

  • The distance between the eyes is too wide;
  • The distance between eyebrows and eyes is too far;
  • The eyes are too small;
  • Small pupils and light iris;
  • Distinct eyes due to wearing glasses.


  1. How to improve eyes lacking in lustre through makeup?

  • Increase the exposed area of ​​the pupil
Bend the eyelash curler and brush it long
Using contact lenses
  • Reduce the distance between eyebrows and eyes

You can lower your brow when applying makeup so that people will pay more attention to your eyes.

If the eyebrows are far away from the eyes, it is best to avoid arcs or raised eyebrows, so as to avoid visual distance.

  • Use eyeshadows and eyelashes

Fill with matte dark eye shadows to reduce the feeling of emptiness. With curled eyelashes, you can further narrow the distance between your eyebrows and your eyes.

  • Reduce the distance between your eyes

Enhance inner canthus, deepen shadows on both sides of nasion.


  1. Some small habits that make your eyes more beautiful

  • In order to make your eyes more glorious, daily training is also needed, you can start with focus and flexibility.


The difference in eye focus may be due to poor eyesight or habitual eye movement. So we can remind ourselves from time to time, look more calmly when looking at things.

The problem of flexibility may be more common. Nowadays, many people are used to staring at the screen for a long time, and their eyes are prone to fatigue, so their eyes become dull. It is best to take time to move the eyes.


  • Choose the expression that suits you

We can practice our own eyes and expressions according to our personality and style.

If you are young or girlish, you can mobilize your eyes more flexibly, and your facial expressions can be richer and more vivid.

If your temperament is mature, you can improve focus and make your eyes more penetrating.


If you have beautiful eyes to capture most of the people’s attention, then other minor blemishes are more easily ignored. I hope this blog can give some inspiration to those who have dull eyes, and make their eyes more glorious!

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