How to Discover Your Skin Type

How to Discover Your Skin Type


When it comes to skin care, knowing your skin type makes all the difference. When you understand the different types of skin, as well as your personal skin type, you can select the right products and treatments to achieve healthy, clear skin.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the different types of skin and how to know your skin type. Once you have a complete understanding of your skin, you’ll see how much your skin care regimen can improve!


Types of Skin

There are four main skin types: normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin. Each of these skin types has different characteristics and reacts in different ways to the environment.


Normal Skin

Normal skin is skin that is neither dry nor oily. Normal skin has a good balance of moisture and makes for a smooth, even complexion.

  • This skin type doesn’t require special considerations in skin care, just make sure to use a gentle cleanser followed by a light moisturizer. But remember that sun protection is always needed, unless you don’t mind aging.


Dry Skin

Dry skin is a sensitive skin type. Dry skin lacks moisture and may feel tight or irritated. Since this skin type doesn’t have the necessary moisture levels to protect against environmental factors, it may easily become red or inflamed. Dry skin may also have flaky patches and general unevenness.

  • Moisture is an essential skin care product for people with dry skin. Use a gentle, non-irritating moisturizer throughout the day, and always apply it after you wash your face.
  • To give dry skin relief, we recommend using the HailiCare Facial Steamer. This facial humidifier helps remove impurities from the skin while injecting essential moisture into the pores for a supple, smooth complexion.


Oily Skin

Oily skin produces more oil that normal skin, making for a shiny or greasy-looking complexion. People with oily skin may break out more easily from clogged pores.

  • If you have oily skin, be sure to use noncomedogenic products and a super light moisturizer.
  • To leave oil skin feeling ultra-clean and refreshed, we opt for the Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum. It’s both safe and powerful, ridding oily skin of pore-clogging impurities that lead to blackheads. Oily skin is extra prone to clogged pores, so using this blackhead removing tool will help you achieve clear skin and eliminate excess oil.


Combination Skin

If you struggle with sensitive skin that’s sometimes dry and sometimes oily, you likely have combination skin. This can be a tricky skin type to manage because of its inconsistency. But, great skin care products will help you maintain healthy, glowing, and clear skin.

  • Combination skin may require a combination of skin care strategies to achieve smooth, clear skin. We love the Ultrasonic Face Skin Scrubber for this skin type. This skin care tool works to combat multiple skin concerns. It has three modes, cleansing, moisturizing, and lifting, making it an ideal option for the shifting needs of people with combination skin.


How to Figure Out Your Skin Type

To discover your skin type, follow this easy skin type test:

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser (make sure that it’s not medicated, as harsh ingredients could dry out any skin type).
  2. Leave your skin untouched for at least ten minutes.
  3. Check your skin in the mirror. If you have a thin sheen of oil over your skin, you likely have oily skin. If your skin feels dry or tight, you likely have dry skin. If your skin has some excess oil, with either normal or dry skin in other areas, you likely have combination skin. If you don’t feel uncomfortable, then congratulates!


Many people wonder how to know your skin type. It’s actually quite as simple process, as we’ve shown above. Your skin care regimen will benefit enormously from understanding your skin type and selecting products accordingly.

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