How to Keep Your Face Clean


Healthy skin is inseparable from cleansing, makeup removal and sun protection. Cleaning is one of the most important steps in skin care and has a great effect on getting clean and  healthy skin. Today we will talk about how to properly keep your face clean.


Find out your skin type

Only after knowing your skin type can you choose the right skin care product. Different skin types need different skin care routines to keep the face clean and healthy.


Clean your face with right method

Whenever you search on Google for how to clean your face the right way, you usually get an answer of cleaning your face twice a day. However, this answer is not for everyone.

For oily skin and combination skin, it is good to cleanse with mild cleanser in the morning and evening.

But for sensitive skin, dry skin and healthy skin, cleaning once a day is enough. Using facial cleanser on the morning will wash away the beneficial oil on the face.


Remove makeup

For people who usually wear makeup, they know well about makeup removal. But many people may not know that sunscreen sometimes needs to be removed, too. Sunscreens below SPF30 can be cleaned by using a mild cleanser. However, those above SPF30 need to be treated with a makeup remover.

Without proper treating, the residue of sunscreen on your face may result in breakouts. Then you may need tools like acne remover to get your healthy skin back.


Ways to remove makeup

Usually we use makeup remover to remove makeup residue from the face, but be sure to be gentle. Pour the makeup remover onto the cleansing cotton and apply it to the place where you need to remove makeup or sunscreen. After a short period of time, you can easily clean it up.

There is another method that is more convenient than using a cleansing cotton: Rubbing the cleansing oil in the palm of your hand, massage your face with it, and then gently wipe your face with a clean face towel, your makeup can be removed soon by using this way.


Product selection

Remember one thing: you can’t get better skin by using more skin care products. The more skin care products are used, the buildup on the face may clog the pores and put a burden on your skin. By that time you may need a ultrasonic scrubber to clean your face.

In fact, simple skin care routine is the best for everyone. As long as you can insist on right cleaning, strict sun protection and makeup removing, healthy and clean skin is not a big problem.


Exercise, water supply and diet

Exercise itself is a process of cleaning and detoxification. The dirt in the pores will be taken away when you’re sweating, and speeding up of the blood circulation can even make your skin look radiant. Exercise from time to time is not only good for your health, but also good for your skin.

Only when the balance of body fluid is ensured can the skin be in a better state. So, drinking enough water is very important for your skin. Of course, you can't drink too much water, which will put a burden on the kidneys.

The effect of diet on the skin is unquestionable. Stopping sugar and oil intake really makes the skin healthier. By reducing the intake of these types of food, your skin can be more stable.


In addition to these methods, there are still many things your need to pay attention to keep your face clean, like stopping touching your face and keeping your bed clean. But what really matters is to stick to these right methods. Clean and healthy skin is not that hard to get by persisting in them.