How to Hide Large Pores under Makeup


I’m sure at some point in our lives we’ve all struggled with enlarged pores, especially when they decide to make a special appearance under our makeup. Today, I’ll walk you through some makeup tips and skincare tips to minimize large pores and prevent your makeup from looking cakey because of them!


Here are some tries and tested ways to cover large pores:


1. Use the right makeup

You need to choose a liquid foundation that works well with your skin type. This is especially relevant if you have an oily skin type since that is more prone to large pores. Here are some makeup tips to choosing the right foundation:


  • Look for words like “lightweight” and “noncomedogenic”,
  • Try out samples of multiple foundations and see how they react with your enlarged pores,
  • Avoid claims like “48 hours full coverage” or “waterproof” since those can be pore-clogging,
  • Keep an eye out for hydrating ingredients such as “hyaluronic acid” because these help to plump the skin and shrink pores,
  • Invest in a good pore-filling primer.

Once you’ve found the perfect foundation, its time to find the perfection foundation brush.

Once you have both of those, you can fill in your pores by patting in your foundation instead of dragging the brush. This technique is key because by patting your foundation in you are temporarily filling in the pores, giving the illusion of shrinking pores.


2. Remove excess

If you accidentally go too heavy-handed on your makeup, use a wet sponge to remove excess foundation. Just dab on the sponge in the over-saturated areas to absorb some of the excess foundation and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.


3. Set it right

One of the best makeup tips to shrink pores ever is to properly set your makeup with a transparent setting powder. Press the powder into your problem areas to minimize large pores by filling them in.


4. Spritz some setting spray

A good makeup setting spray goes a long way to cover large pores by enhancing the shine of your face and taking attention away from the enlarged pores. If you prefer a more matte finish with your makeup, you can skip this and stick to the setting powder.


5. Skin care tips

You know what’s better than using makeup to hide large pores? Not having enlarged pores in the first place. A good skin care regimen that includes consistent use of our face steamer will shrink pores considerably and answer the age-old question of “how to make pores disappear”! The face steamer works by softening your skin via steam and hence allowing all the extra gunk in your large pores to melt away, effectively shrinking pores.



Now that you’re armed with the best makeup and skin care tips to shrink pores, you never have to worry about enlarged pores again! It’s time to slay your smooth makeup without worrying about pesky large pores stealing your shine.