How to Finally Get Rid of That Pesky Acne


People of different ages may all be familiar with acne because everyone has the possibility of getting it. But fortunately, pay attention to skin care and diet, your skin can glow again in a fast speed.


1. Don’t pick at acne with your hands.

I know we’re all guilty of getting frustrated with an untimely pimple or blackhead and popping it with our hands. That’s a big no. Using your hands to pick at your acne is a sure shot way to get scars later on. Our hands aren’t exactly the most sanitary things to be near our face so using them to pop pimples can actually make the surrounding areas worse.


2. Use proper tools to extract pimples and blackheads.

Next time you feel like going at a blackhead or pimple try out our anti-bacterial acne needle and blackhead removal tool. This will be much more hygienic and convenient than using your hands to pick at your acne. All you need to do is cleanse your face and then use these tools. When you’re satisfied with your extractions you can clean your face again and then moisturize as desired. You may also use our vacuum based black head removing device that offers 5 levels of suction to clean out all the gunk from your pores.


3. Dial down your skin care routine.

If your skin has been acting up with acne, it’s probably time to reexamine your skin care routine and consider how your products are affecting your skin’s health. You might want to press the reset button on your elaborate 10- step skin care routine and opt for a mild cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. A low key bare-bones approach to skin care is one of the best ways to deal with acne.


4. Steam your face.

If you want to learn how to relieve acne breakouts, then you need to know where acne comes from. That’s a multifaceted question but one of the biggest contributors to blackheads and acne is clogged pores. We recommend using our facial steamer several times a week to unclog your pores and give your skin a chance to BREATHE.


5. Watch what you eat.

Do you remember asking your mother “how can I clear up acne fast?” and getting a response like drinking more water or cutting back on all those fries you’ve been eating? Well, she was right. What you put into your body is what determines the overall health of your body later on. The only permanent answer to how to relieve acne breakouts is by adopting an acne diet that works on making your gut stronger. It is best to avoid foods with too much oil, sugar content, and spices. Eliminate these three things from your diet and your pimples will be gone for good!


Now that you are fully equipped with the tools necessary to rid yourself of acne, the world is your oyster! Just be mindful of these few tips and ways to deal with acne and your acne will clear up faster than ever.