How Much Skin Product to Apply: Serum, Sunscreen and More

How Much Skin Product to Apply: Serum, Sunscreen and More


Today, we will introduce the right amount of every skincare product to use. In order to get good skin, everyone attaches great importance to the use of skin care products. However, knowing the right amount of various skin care products for using can save money and be more effective, which helps you achieve a better skin condition.


There are many types of cleansing products, and most of them are concentrated. So the cleaning power does not depend on the amount of cleaning products. If you use too much, it will cause skin problems, or the cleaning power will be too strong, and the cuticle of the skin will become thinner, which makes your skin resistant ability weakened.

The right amout:

Ordinary type: a nickel-sized amount;
Scrub type: 1/2 of a nickel-sized amount;
Foam type: a circle of five centimeters in diameter.


Moisturizing water, toner, astringent water, and smoothing toner are collectively referred to as lotions. The use of lotions is the most important part of skin care. It can directly relieve dry skin and provide enough moisture for the skin. 

The right amout:

No cotton pad; a nickel-sized amount;
With a cotton pad: make it completely wetted and apply it to your face.



The category of the serum is also relatively diverse, with milky texture, gel texture and pure liquid texture. The serum is generally extracted from plants with ingredients being exquisite, powerful and effective. Also, the amount of serum is usually very small, generally about 30ml, so, the amount of each use is also controlled, not the more the better, the most important thing is to insist.


The right amout:

It is best to use it according to the amount specified by the brand.
But generally speaking:

Milky texture: a pea-sized amount;
Gel texture: slightly more than the milky texture;
Pure liquid: 2-3 drops.

Milky lotion:

The role of the milky lotion is to moisturize, lock in moisture and prevent dry skin.

The right amout:

The texture of the milky lotion is slightly thicker than the normal lotion and is suitable for summer and daytime use. Therefore, the right amount for the milky lotion is a nickel-sized amount.



The right amout:

The cream is actually an upgraded version of the milky lotion. It has a strong moisturizing effect.  Therefore, the amount of cream for face should be relatively less than that of the lotion.

Eye cream:

The skin around the eyes is very thin. Excessive use of the eye cream can cause a burden on the skin around the eyes. It is easy to form fat granules, and the fat granules are difficult to eliminate, so do not use them excessively.

The right amount:

A sunflower seed sized amount, split between both eyes.

Sun protection:

To achieve a sun protection effect, research has shown that at least 2 mg of sunscreen should be rubbed per square centimeter of skin.


The right amount:

2 mg / per square centimeter. In practice, this means applying the equivalent of a shot glass (two tablespoons) of sunscreen to the exposed areas of the face and body – a nickel-sized dollop to the face alone.

Makeup remover:

Makeup remover is one of the important steps in makeup. If the makeup removing step is not thoroughly done, remains on the face will block the pores

Normal use of makeup remover:

Cleansing Oil: Cleansing oil needs to be fully emulsified when removing makeup. If the dosage is small, it will pull the skin and easily form wrinkles. Therefore, a nickel-sized amount should be needed;

Makeup remover: It works through the combination of non-soluble ingredients in the product and dirt on the skin, to achieve the purpose of quick makeup removing. Because the removal ability of makeup remover is relatively poor, so the right amount for it should be slightly more than the cleansing oil;

Cleansing Milk: Its texture is softer, and the whole process of makeup removal is like applying a cream. The amount of use should be controlled at 1/2 of a nickel-sized amount;

Cleansing Cream: Its texture is thicker. So the dosage should be generally controlled at 2/3 nickel-sized amount.

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