Here's what we did to fix broken hair

Here's what we did to fix broken hair

For girls, after wake up the first thing we always did is to comb our hair. When we make messy hair smooth, we can feel a sense of accomplishment and even feel we could have a perfectly good day. But there are always some agonizing short broken hairs on the front, sides, back of the head, influencing the whole hairstyle. So why do we get the broken hairs and how can we manage these small broken hairs?



Why are there so many little bits of broken hair sticking up?

New hair growth

This is because hair grows in cycles, which is a normal phenomenon. At the beginning of the newborn hair, it is very short and mixed disorderly.

Hair breakage

This is an abnormal phenomenon. The main cause of hair breakage is closely related to the lack of nutrition in the hair roots. Hair, like other parts of the body, is also undergoing daily metabolism. To keep your hair healthy and beautiful, you should also pay more attention to the nutrients for the damaged hair, in addition to daily care, like combing, washing, and tidying up,etc.


How can we manage these small broken hairs?

1. Hair clip and headband



2. Hair Velcro



3. Broken hair finishing stick



4. Hair styling gel


5. Find a suitable hairstyle for yourself



6.Have a healthy diet


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