Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Will Save Your Money

Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Will Save Your Money


Halloween is near, are you already thinking about the Halloween makeup you want to try? Today there will be economical and practical Halloween makeup tutorials, so you can easily get a winning look that day~


Materials to be prepared


  • Vulcanized latex
  • Skin wax
  • Facial tissue
  • Artificial plasma
  • Oil paint - red, blue, yellow and black
  • Eye shadow
  • Liquid foundation
  • Makeup brush
  • Makeup sponge


Bullet wound tutorial

  1. Take a small group of skin wax, pinch it soft;
  2. Apply a layer of latex to the skin;
  3. Stick the skin wax onto your face and smooth the edges;
  4. Use a toothpick to pick up the skin wax to create a bursting effect;
  5. Paint with red and black pigments, then apply some artificial plasma, done.


Cut wound tutorial


  1. Take a group of skin wax and knead it into strips;
  2. Apply a layer of latex and stick the skin wax onto your face;
  3. Use a toothpick to open the wax to create a cut effect;
  4. Also smooth the edges, and paint with red oil.


Burn effect tutorial

  1. Apply the latex onto your face by patting it with a cosmetic sponge;
  2. Make the paper towel wrinkled and apply it onto your face;
  3. When the latex is dry, apply a proper amount of foundation onto the tissue and give the paper a good color;
  4. Apply red oil paint over a large area, pay attention to the color transition, and then use black oil paint to deepen some places you like;
  5. Spotting some yellow oil paint to create a crusting effect, and then it's done.

Special makeup tutorial make you like Night king

  1. Roll the paper towels into strips of varied thickness;
  2. Apply Latex, stick the paper towels onto your face;
  3. Paint as you like.


Be sure to gently remove makeup, otherwise skin pulling may happen.
If you feel that makeup is too much trouble, you can wear Halloween costume directly, use our hair wax to match, and create a horrifying effect.

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