Hair myths: daily washing is bad for the hair


Have you heard people say that daily washing is bad for the hair? Some would never, ever go more than a day without washing their hair, and others can't imagine washing their hair more than once a week. So who's right? We’ve done the research and can now tell you whether it is right for you to wash hair every day under the following words.

Why do you feel that it is bad to wash your hair every day?



1. Washing hair every day causes hair loss?

The statistics show that the total number of people's hair exceeds 100,000. Normal people will drop about 50 to 100 hairs per day. However, there will be a corresponding amount of new hair growths, keeping the total amount of hair basically unchanged.

While you wash your hair, you are pulling the already dropped hairs, not making hair loss worse by washing it.

If you have excessive hair loss you could have such as seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata, senile alopecia, etc. Hair loss is caused by a variety of reasons, for example, seborrheic alopecia is due to androgen problems.

So the truth is that daily hair washing has nothing to do with hair loss.


2. Washing hair every day causes more dandruff?

Dandruff is mainly composed of shed keratinocytes, sebum, and microorganisms. However, daily hair washing does not generate excessive growth of scalp keratinocytes, excessive secretion of sebum and bacterial growth. The ordinary dandruff removal shampoo has added a component called "pyrazole zinc", which can inhibit the excessive growth of scalp keratinocytes, prevent excessive secretion of sebum and can control bacteria reproduction. Therefore it can accomplish the effect of anti-dandruff to some extent.

So the truth is that ordinary people wash their heads more frequently, it will gradually reduce dandruff.

Of course, if you find that frequent hair washing leads to more dandruff, even if it is mixed with symptoms such as scalp itching and erythema. Then you should pay more attention to this problem. This is not dandruff caused by washing your hair, but the head issue. There may be some diseases appearing in the skin of the head. So you should make a dermatologist reservation to check for it.



The hair scalp can be seen as a small ecosystem. Once the ecosystem is disrupted, it will alter the ecosystem and react correspondingly. So this question has to be answered on both sides. The frequency of washing hair varies from person to person, depending on your own scalp system.

For a good scalp system, the hair follicles are in a healthy state. The sebaceous glands secrete hair oil less in a normal state, which plays a role in nourishing the scalp and killing bacteria. However, it may be counterproductive for daily hair washing. The scalp is not protected by hair oil, and it will make the sebaceous glands accelerate the secretion of hair oil. In the long run, the function of the sebaceous glands that have been practiced for a long time will be strengthened. So the hair oil output will be greatly increased. Therefore, it is reasonable to wash healthy hair for 2-3 days for the people with good scalp system.

For people with increased dandruff and greasy hair, the ecosystem has been damaged, even with head lice, hair follicle inflammation, etc. so it is necessary to wash hair frequently to reach the effects of sterilization and anti-inflammatory. And it is recommended to choose the right shampoo supplemented with traditional Chinese medicine and natural vegetable oils, in order to reduce the burden of sebaceous glands hair oil secretion and to realize dynamic scalp system balance. So it is reasonable to wash hair once a day for people with sub-healthy hair, and the shampoo selection is of great importance.




The news that daily washing doesn’t damage the hair doesn’t mean it’s necessary. There are no hard and fast rules: daily hair washing is a ‘can’ not a ‘must,’ and more frequent washing is only required if your hair tends to be greasy.