Hacks to Get a Perfect Red Lipstick Look

Hacks to Get a Perfect Red Lipstick Look


You know you are a lipstick hoarder if there are 5 shades tossing around at the bottom of your tote. To further narrow it down, if there is one lip shade that has truly stood the test of time and still radiates class from miles apart, we must give the center stage to – RED LIPSTICK! It is to beauty lovers what Super Bowl means to sports fanatics and cashew ice-cream means to vegans. Lets us explore the world of possibilities when it comes to flaunting red pout like a pro.


Choosing the right RED shade for your skin

There are hundreds of red lip shades that are sitting on the shelves of Sephora and Ulta. As a rule of thumb, remember true reds that don’t give an orangey hue are perfect for fair complexion. Pink and orangey reds are your best friend if you have a medium skin color. Plum and wine-red shades are ideal for you if you have a Pocahontas skin color.


How to get a perfect red lipstick look?

Exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate! We cannot stress enough on the importance of a rosy soft lip canvas before hurrying to the next step of applying your reds. Use a lip exfoliator, as they have been designed to be gentle on soft lip skin, and buff away layers of dead cells coming in between you and your silver screen siren look.


How do I apply lipstick perfectly?

Let us break down the application steps in style:

  1. Apply lip balm: Omitting this essential step will leave your lips cracked and flaky along with showing unappealing crevices. Smoothen the texture of your lips by evenly (or should we say generously) applying a film of lip balm.
  2. Outline the frame of your lips: Think lip shade and not lipstick. Confused? The art of getting the outline right is to choose a lip liner that matches your lips. Start off by dotting off various points on your lips and finish it off by connecting them in the end. The idea is to create a visual for a smooth lipstick application.
  3. Don’t forget the lipstick: Choose your weapon carefully! Of course, we are talking about your favorite red lipstick makeup here. Start applying the shade at the center of the upper lip and moving outward towards one corner. Then repeat the steps by moving back to the center and run outward towards the other corner. Follow the same application pattern on your lower lip. Make sure you don’t forget to fill any missing color!
  4. Blot the excess lip stain: To avoid embarrassing lipstick stains on your teeth, make sure you take a facial tissue, fold it half and blot away. Press your lips together gently to ensure that excess lip shade does not make you look like Joker from Batman by the end of the day. One good answer the next time you are left wondering, “Why it's not good to wear red lipstick without makeup.”


In a nutshell, there are a plethora of red hues to choose from so make sure you opt for dark shades for luncheons or clubbing nights. Make sure to stray away from red-wines or vampire reds when it comes to corporate functions or must-awaited dream job interview. In the end it’s all about your personal style and what makes you happy. Seal the deal with red lips!

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