Hacks To Get a No-Makeup Look

Hacks To Get a No-Makeup Look


Among the many makeup looks that you have in your arsenal, a no-makeup look should be one of your go-tos. Natural makeup looks are appropriate for virtually any occasion, especially your day-to-day routine. When makeup looks fresh and natural, not caked-on and artificial, you look radiant and your innate beauty shines through. Here, we’ll break down the best hacks for making your makeup look more natural, along with natural makeup ideas for you to test out.


Hack 1: How To Moisturize

Moisturizer may seem like a great way to improve your natural makeup looks. But, excessive moisturizer can easily be rubbed off with sweat, oil, or simply time. When your moisturizer comes off, the rest of your makeup will, too. This is largely due to thickeners (cosmetics often include carbomer, a stabilizer), that make moisturizers heavy and easily rubbed off.

To offset this issue and create a natural makeup look, wait for each product in your makeup routine to absorb before you move onto the next - especially your moisturizer!


Hack 2: How To Wear Sunscreen

Many women wonder whether they need to apply a separate sunscreen if their makeup primer features sun protection. The answer is yes, and here’s why:

  • Makeup primer doesn’t include enough sun protection to adequately protect your skin.
  • Sunscreen will protect your skin from discoloration that can result from sun exposure, minimizing the amount of makeup you’ll need for a natural makeup look.
  • Even during the winter months, you need to wear sunscreen to be protected against the sun’s harsh rays, which can cause premature skin aging.


Hack 3: How To Make Concealer Invisible

Skillful application of concealer is essential for natural makeup looks. But, how to best use your concealer depends on its type.

  • If your concealer is designed to even out your entire complexion, it should be applied prior to your foundation.
  • If your concealer is designed to cover up dark spots, scars, or acne, it should be applied after your foundation.


Common Mistakes in No-Makeup Looks

  • Choosing a foundation or powder that’s not the right match for your skin tone or skin type
  • Applying too thick of a layer of foundation
  • Neglecting to apply foundation to the neck
  • Applying your loose powder before paste and liquid cosmetics
  • Forgetting to thoroughly cleanse your face at the end of the day

A special cleaning brush can help you scrub off all of your makeup for a clean face at the end of the day. Tools like this one are ideal for people who have a packed schedule with little time for skin care.


Our natural makeup ideal are intended to make you feel beautiful without being caked with makeup. With just a handful of products and strategic makeup application, you can achieve a no-makeup look with ease. So, try out our hacks for making your makeup look more natural for your everyday look - you might just be amazed at what you see!

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