Finding The Most Flattering Hairstyle for Your Face Shape


It’s that time of the year again! No, we are not hinting towards Christmas celebrations or your long-awaited Thanksgiving break. We are talking about the time where your heartbeat starts racing as you begin to wonder midway if you will be able to pull this decision off – haircut season!

While your inspiration to dwell into this critical decision may vary, the bottom line is, it needs to compliment your features and face. Let’s explore the world of different hairstyle possibilities because we all know that a well-thought beauty makeover never hurts nobody. 


What haircut suits you best?

While we staunchly believe that the right attitude and confidence can make we look good in literally anything, let’s not get too overwhelmed and choose to make a wise hair decision. After all hairstyle-to-face mismatch might lead towards a teary and hair-pulling situation.

The first essential step is to unlock the secret of your head shape. You can count on us when we say knowing your face shape will help you go long way: whether you want to opt for fillers later, shop for your fav contouring kit, or choose a flattering haircut.

To accurately determine your face shape, all you need to do is pull back your hair in a ponytail and take a front-facing picture with your camera. Follow this with tracing around the outline of your face in the picture and observe the shape it makes. There are several types of head shapes such as long, heart-shaped, oval and square cut.

Here are some top trade secrets to help you find your perfect hairstyle:

Heart-shaped face hairstyles

This face shape can be explained with having a wider forehead and cheeks along with narrow chin and jawline. You need to draw attention to your cheekbones structure and eyes so opt for hairstyles that add more volume to the sides. Think waves, long side-swept styles, bobs and lobs!


Round face hairstyles

The length of your face is like the width along with round cheeks and jaw. You need to give the appearance of a long face structure by opting for long layered haircuts. If you are longing to be a dare devil and want to be the center of attention (Hint hint: Single and ready to mingle!) then you can also choose the choppy pixie cut. Bonus tip: Steer clear of single-lengths cuts and bobs as they will make your face appear even more round.


Oval face hairstyles

We call this face shape the universal canvas for all hairstyles and cuts, as nearly every type of style suits this shape. But you do need to consider your hair texture, length and volume and opt for a suitable cut accordingly. Our recommendation is to go for blunt bobs and lobs or just play with natural long waves or curls.


Long face hairstyles

The longer the haircut the longer your face will appear. You need to opt for shoulder length or below-chin long bobs. If you have a wider head shape, then choose tie-up hairstyles (take inspiration from the queen of high ponytails Kim Kardashian). However, if your face is long yet narrow then you can opt for simple bangs and wear your hair naturally down.


Square face hairstyles

The face shape with a killing jaw line that you can always use to your advantage. You need to choose hairstyles that have curly or choppy ends as it draws the attention to your strong angular jaw.


Bonus tip: The best hairstyles to flatter your face shape are not enough to make you look your best. Feeling confident inside out does the trick! So, choose a look that you can easily maintain and flaunt.