Fashion Hair Color Leading The Trend For 2019


The focus of fashion is usually on clothing, hairstyles, and makeup. Changes in each period will bring new trends. As one of the fashion focus points, people who are at the forefront of fashion usually pay more attention to hair color. So let's take a look today at the most popular hair colors in the summer of 2019 and how to simply dye the color you want without hurting it!


2019 most popular hair colors

  • Ash gray

Gray is a high-level color, and many people favor it. But sometimes people tend to use the wrong color if they are not experienced hair designers. However, ash grey is the least error-prone color, with it, you can feel the advanced feeling!


  • Violet

Purple often gives a mysterious feeling, and this bright color is easy to attract attention. Dying this color, you will definitely become the focus of everyone once you go out.


  • Living orange

Living Orange has been popular since last year. This color is fresh and vibrant and very suitable for white skin. If you are a warm skin tone, orange with a little pink will be more suitable for you. Change your hair color to be the living orange and catch up with the summer trend!


  • Golden blonde


Warm skin tone people with this hair color on will look extraordinarily shining under the sunshine. If you can’t decide which hair color suits you best and fear the bright colors are not common and natural, then this color is the best for you!


  • Red velvet


Red is a very seductive color, giving people unlimited temptation, while red velvet is red with a little purple color, which adds a bit of mystery. Put on this hair color, then you are the sexy goddess.


How to dye hair at home


  1. Wash your hair;
  2. Blow your hair to half dryness;
  3. Spread the hair color wax of your choice evenly on your hair (preferably divide the hair into sections);
  4. Dry the hair;
  5. Enjoy your hairstyle!

Choose hair color wax and you will find how easy it is to dye hair.

Hair dyeing at home is very convenient and the recommended hair color wax is purely natural and does not harm to the scalp. The temporary hair coloring effect allows you to try a new hair color with confidence. Please enjoy the happiness of your new hair color!