Eyebrow Tutorial – Everything you need to know

Eyebrow Tutorial – Everything you need to know


I believe that many girls will wear makeup before going out and that people often hear the importance of eyebrows to a person's beauty and charm. Today we will discuss how to get your  eyebrows suiting you better and eyebrow tutorials for different situations.


How to get the eyebrow shape you’re dreaming of

People often want to change their eyebrows to make themselves closer to their favorite stars like Taylor Swift or change their looks. This is of course great, but what we need to know is that the eyebrow that suits you best is the original eyebrow shape. All we have to do is to make the original eyebrows more refined and neater, so today we will talk about how to make the original eyebrows more suitable for you.

First, we need to find out an eyebrow pencil, then find the corner of the nose, and line the pencil straight, here’s where the eyebrow should be started.

Second, if you don’t know where you should arch, then point from the corner of the nose to the center of the eye, here’s the best point to arch. If you arch in the right place, you’ll be more charming.

Then for the end of the eyebrow, connect from the corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.

Mark these three points and join them together, the formed place is where you need to use your favorite eyebrow products. The outer place of the formed one is where you need to thread or use a brow remover.


Eyebrow tutorials for different situations

1. Eyebrow tutorials for party

Do you want to be a party queen? Here’s the perfect eyebrow tutorial to make you glow in the crowd.

First, find a brow comb to make your brow fuller and neater. Then mark the three points as mentioned before to get the eyebrow shape you’re dreaming of. Find a thin-angled brush and use eyebrow gel you favoring of, connect these three points to form a frame and start from the end of the brows. Don’t add color after started and use eyebrow comb to make them more natural. Apply best concealer you like after these steps to highlight your eyebrows and use a brow gel to make them natural and charming.

2. Eyebrow tutorials for daily work and life

We all want to keep beautiful at any time right? To save time and keep charming, there’s another tutorial for you. First, brush your brows with a brow comb to form better shapes, then get your brow gel and directly use it, you’ll get natural and beautiful eyebrows in a very short time.

3. Eyebrow tutorials for date

With a soft and natural makeup on your face, you’ll be more confident while dating. So here’s the date eyebrow tutorial: The first two steps are the same as the party eyebrow tutorial, after these two steps, use an eyebrow pencil to fill the gaps in your brows and get the brow shape you’re dreaming of. Remember using brow combs to make your brows more natural.


These are my tutorials to help you get a better look, especially for eyebrows, hope these would be helpful. If you have any great ideas for getting better eyebrow shapes or a better look, welcome to share your comments!

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