Everything You Need to Know About Face Spray


If you’ve been keeping up on the latest beauty trends, you may have heard about one of the newest phenomena in skincare: face spray! Also called face mist, this hydrating spray is designed to give dry skin a boost by locking in moisture and providing a refreshing burst of hydration any time of day. If you tend to struggle with a dry face, face spray probably sounds super appealing.

But, is face spray really as effective as it claims to be? In this article, we’re going to have a Q&A that explores all of your face spray questions, from “how do you apply facial spray?” to “is facial spray necessary?” and more.

Here we go!


Question 1: Can I Use Face Spray Right After Applying Makeup or Sunscreen?

For the best results, you should apply a hydrating spray before you put on sunscreen, moisturizer, and/or makeup. By putting the mist on first, you’ll give your skin a chance to fully absorb the mist’s benefits. Plus, by putting a face spray on first, your skin will be primed for the application of other beauty products.


Question 2: Why Does My Skin Still Feel Dry After Using Face Spray?

There are many reasons why you could still feel dry after using a face spray. For one, the climate that you’re in could be exceptionally dry and require intense hydration to avoid a dry face. Another reason is that the face mist that you’re using doesn’t contain humectant, which is an ingredient that works to hydrate your skin and is essential in a hydrating spray. Additionally, your skin type could naturally have poor hydration-locking capabilities, which would make it difficult to reap the hydrating benefits of a regular face mist.


Question 3: Can I Use Pure Water or Mineral Water to Replace Face Spray?

If you’re aiming to use a face spray that works simply as a quick midday refresher, pure water or mineral water will work just fine. While you’ll miss out on the dry skin-busting benefits of a hydrating spray, you’ll save plenty of money by not having to purchase expensive skincare products.

But there’s one thing you need to keep in mind, pure water or mineral water is a one-time use as a spray. Because long time store of them is easy to contact bacteria.


Question 4: Can I Use Face Spray Whenever My Skin Feels Uncomfortable?

In short: no, using face mist whenever your skin is somewhat uncomfortable isn’t the best idea for your complexion. Your skin could feel uncomfortable because of excessive moisture on the surface. Your pores will absorb that excess moisture, leading your cells to become excessively hydrated. In these circumstances, it’s more likely for your skin to have an inflammatory reaction, potentially leading to breakouts and redness.



So, you may still be asking the big question: Is facial mist necessary? When it comes down to the facts, face spray isn’t a crucial skincare product for everyone. If your have oily or combination skin, a hydrating spray may increase your chance of breaking out by adding excess moisture to your skin and trapping it in pores. However, for those with dry skin, a face mist may help lock in moisture to reduce the look and feel of a dry face.

When it comes to hydrating dry skin and preventing breakouts at the same time, we have two favorite products:

  • The DIY Mini Face Mask Maker gives you the ability to make a face mask at home with any fruits and vegetables that you’d like! You can try out different ingredient combinations to create a quick face mask with natural benefits.
  • The Facial Steamer DIY Fruit Steam Sprayer allows you to make a hydrating spray right at home with just pure water and fruits of your choice. This creates a warm steam that helps to hydrate the skin while easily getting rid of whiteheads and blackheads.


Hydrating spray is a nice addition to your beauty routine if your have dry skin. But, know that there are other skincare products that may provide greater benefits to the health of your skin.