8 Bad Habits Cause Hair Loss and Ways To Solve Them!


The fast pace of modern life causes the increasing of life stress. All of us are burdened with many different living problems like housing, babysitting, working, etc – they all trouble us. In this way, the problem of hair loss becomes more evident. So here we are going to find out the bad habits that might cause hair loss and how to avoid them.


First you need to know three points - the keys to preventing hair loss are:

  • Healthy hair follicles
  • Stable scalp environment
  • Balanced nutrition

It is normal to occasionally lose your hair, but we still have to pay attention to avoid some BAD HABITS to reduce the chance of hair loss.


 1. Not washing your hair enough

Not washing your hair enough will cause the scalp and hair to become dirty. With dust and bacteria on the hair, the scalp environment becomes very poor. If you want to possess shiny hair, you need to keep your scalp environment clean without keeping your bad habit.


2. Washing your hair too often

Shampooing is to make your scalp environment more stable, and frequent shampooing will have a bad effect. Because usually the hair scales are open after the hair is wet, frequent shampooing will make your hair more vulnerable. In general, washing once every two days is enough, and people with dry hair can even wash it once in three days.


3. Choose combs that are too hard for you

We often see all kinds of combs on the market saying that they have effects on hair loss. But be careful with the kind of combs. Usually, wooden combs are sharper and easy to hurt the scalp, so this is not our best choice. Besides, please note that it’s wrong to think the more you comb your hair, the better your hair condition will be. Going too far is as bad as not going far enough.


4. Dry your hair vigorously

Our hair is not as strong as we think, after washing it, gently wrap the hair with a towel to blot the water and repeat the operation several times. Don’t sleep with wet hair, please blow your hair to 80% and let it dry naturally. Never treat your hair vigorously!


5. Not getting a haircut regularly

The habit of not getting a haircut is not good. It’s not only a bad habit for men, but also women. When split and dry ends can’t be solved without a haircut, hair loss may be caused when you comb your hair. So we should regularly arrange time to get a haircut, which may have relief on your hair loss problem.


6. Use the shampoo that is not suitable for you

People with different hair types should choose the shampoo that suits you. You can't be too careful when choosing hair products. Oily hair groups should choose the oil control products, and dry hair groups should pay more attention to nourishing your hair.


7. Pay little attention to a balanced diet

The modern pace for contemporary people is too fast. Many people do not have time to cook and can only eat fast food to meet daily needs. However, when you have time, you must remember to add nutrients, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat more hair-producing products, such as black sesame seeds and walnuts. Of course, the effect of oral administration is slow, and you need to stick to it in your daily life.


8. Use products indiscriminately before recognizing the hair loss type

There are many reasons for hair loss. Before choosing products to solve your problem, you must find out what type of hair loss you belong to. If it is seborrheic dermatitis or hereditary hair loss. Be sure to see a doctor first.