How To Make Children Ready To Go Back To School


The back-to-school day is around the corner, after summer vacation, the children may have been indulged in the joy of the beach time and video games. It is not easy to get your children ready to go back to school. So here we’ll introduce several suggestions for getting your children to adjust to school life quickly.


1. Control children's sleep

During the vacation, children may have become accustomed to staying up and getting up late. So, the way to adapt them to get up early is to ask them to sleep and get up early in advance. Please don't let your children play with electronic products, cartoons or comic books that make children excited before going to bed and let them take a shower so they can enter a comfortable sleeping environment.


2. Arrange a study plan for children

Reintegration into the learning atmosphere means that children will be prepared to do their homework. Before returning to school, to overcome the anxiety of homework burden, parents should arrange a study plan one or two weeks before the back-to-school day. But remember not to arrange too much homework for your children, pay attention to the distribution of entertainment time.


3. Communicate with children

Back to school anxiety may not just come from going to bed and getting up early and homework. Before they return to school, communicating with them for the real reason in time may help them overcome back-to-school anxiety. Parents can ask the following questions to discover the real reasons:

  • Do you find getting along with your classmates being difficult for you?
  • Were you bullied by other children at school before?
  • Are you not so fond of a teacher in your class?
  • Do you feel that there’s too much pressure on study?


There will always be a solution to each problem, but the point is to find out the cause of the problem. Please communicate with your children, let them feel that you are their best friends to listening to their hearts so that problem-solving would be easier.


4. Celebrate the children's back-to-school day and prepare them gifts

Letting children have expectations for the first day of school is also a countermeasure to help them overcome back-to-school stress. Preparing delicious food and carefully selected gifts for children can make them feel that returning to school is not so unbearable. Here is a list of carefully selected gifts you may find helpful:

  • DIY personalized T-shirts to shine children’s personality;
  • Natural and temporary hair color waxes making children stand out in group activities;
  • Handmade DIY wool felt toys allowing children to feel the companionship of parents during school days;
  • The posture correction belt allowing children to have a better body shape and be confident.


It’s normal to have back-to-school anxiety after a relaxing vacation, make sure there’s no severe problem like school refusal and solve these problems with your children together by following these suggestions. If you have any difficult in, or suggestions for solving back-to-school anxiety, please leave a comment.