8 Best Ways To Get Rid of Large Pores

8 Best Ways To Get Rid of Large Pores


Key Points:

Pores that have become larger can no longer be smaller, so it is always necessary to pay attention to moisturizing and sun protection to avoid the enlarging of pores. Although you can't actually get rid of your pores, you can try to make them appear to be smaller;



 1. Clean Your Skin Moderately

Use a facial cleanser at night. You’d better not let your facial cleanser staying on your face for more than 30 seconds. Remember to clean the alae of the nose, chin, and other parts on your face which can be easily overlooked, then thoroughly wash your face with water (be careful not to use the spray head directly to your face). For people who are too oily, a gentle cleanser for morning skincare routine is OK, but for others, cleaning your face with warm water would be enough. Remember that cleaning face too often does no good to get rid of pores;


2. Streamlined Skin Care

Some people may feel that applying heavy skin care products will give them a sense of security, but truthfully, it is bad for your skin. After analyzing your skin type, choose products that are most suitable for you. For healthy skin, doing anti-oxidation work during the day and anti-aging work at night is enough. For those who have skin problems, the most important thing is to solve problems first;


 3. Sun Protection

Be sure to do a good job of sun protection. Sunscreen is a basic requirement, the most important thing is to avoid your skin’s exposure to the sun—the wearing of hats, sunglasses, and masks plays a bigger role than any sunscreen. You can decide the SPF of your sunscreen depending on how long you spend your time on outdoor activities. For long-time staying of being outside, sunscreen of SPF 50 must be needed. For the daily commute, SPF 30 is enough. For sensitive skin type, physical sunscreen suits you best. Doing a good job of sun protection means a lot to pores;


4. Remove Your Make Up

Removing the sunscreen and the cosmetics you use during the day is the first thing you should do when you get home from work. The longer the sunscreen and cosmetics stay on your face, the more damage they will cause to your skin. Please do remember to put them off;


5.Use Skin Care Products With Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid can help you clear pores, which means using this method can visually get rid of your pores, and it can also do the job of exfoliating, but sensitive skin may not be able to withstand such stimulation, so the effect of this method varies from person to person;


6. Use a Steaming Face Meter

The facial steamer can open your pores and smooth your skin. After steaming, you can clean up the dirty things in your pores with the acne needle (note that the force to your face cannot be too strong, which is a big injury to your skin). Use your facial steamer a few more times and you will find that your skin becomes smoother and shiny;


7. Exercise

Exercise not only can bring you a healthier body but also it can bring you a firmer and smoother skin—it’s quite a good way to visually get rid of your pores. Stick to exercise, which is more effective than any medical surgery;


8. Pay Attention To Diet

Diet is also very important in skin management. People who insist on eating sugar-free and nutrition-balanced foods look healthier. Eat more vegetables of bright colors, such as tomatoes, carrots, etc. The supplement of Vitamin C will slow down your aging, and you can see skin aging is also one of the reasons for the enlarging of pores.


Maybe no matter how much effort we make, our skin condition cannot be better than people who are born with good skin. But it's better to do some hard work than to do nothing. Stick to these methods and your skin will return you with a state you want.

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