5 Super Easy Ways to Hide Your Bangs

5 Super Easy Ways to Hide Your Bangs


When was the last time you secretly rejoiced spending your lazy weekend watching the High School Musical marathon and drooled over the bang hairdos of Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale? Well we are guilty as charged for these aspiring celebrity bangs have (still do!) successfully tempted us to have a spur of the moment haircut makeover.

While freshly blow dried and professionally treated bangs do look dreamy, it becomes a nightmare since their upkeep can be so hard. Let’s explore some fun and easy ways as to how to hide bangs while ensuring that hair and beauty go hand in hand.


Top knot - Relaxed elegance is the way to go

Are you used to waking up to the sounds of ambulances and construction drills (all hail the city life) whenever you miss your 7:00 am morning alarm? Top-knot hairdo is here to rescue the day as it is among the list of the most effortless ways to hide your bangs. Did you know that the origin of this popular hairdo comes from high-ranking Māori men who used to tie their locks up? Fast-forward to the 21st century, the top-knot has taken various forms from the ballerina buns to Victorian-era chignons and to our all-time favorite Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn eccentric bun.

The contemporary version of top knot is not at all high maintenance and requires minimum effort of pulling all your hair up on top of your head, twist your bangs and wrap in a messy bun. You can tame any loose fly away hair with bobby pins. Easy Peasy!


Curtained Fringe – Taking hairstyles to a whole new level

On days when you are singing to the rhythm of getting your bangs just right, curtained fringe hairstyle is your best bet. Its ideal for girls who have longer bangs. These long face-framing bangs helps to give a lean face structure look to the onlookers. So pick up that dry shampoo and blow dry and enjoy doing a hair dance while you are at it. 


Slicked back bangs – Ready for the red-carpet glamor

While there are several hairstyles for growing out bangs, slicked back bangs take the top spot. Ready to bring you a game to the red carpet? For days where you want to exude confidence and style and stay mile away from the sweet 16 full-fringe look, slicked back bangs are the way to go. Take inspiration from Taylor Swift who opted for this hairstyle on Golden Globes. All you need to do is take some dry or wet gel and slick your bangs off your face on to the side. For a more even textured finished look, apply hairspray on the tips of fingers and comb your fringe in a backward motion.


Elegant hairstyles – get bangs look bangin’

If you have long hair, then there are several elegant hairstyles that you can opt for while hiding your bangs. We are head over heels in love with Kelly Kapowski Hair Flip. Time to recreate a timeless classic hairstyle! Apply some texturing spray to give your bangs an uplifted gritty texture and gently run your fingers through them backwards. Keep doing this to create volume on the front side. In the end, brush them neatly and generously apply hairspray to secure them in a side sweep. Like always, bobby pins to keep your hair in place!


Side Braid – Three-second Victorian-era inspired hairstyle

The best part about side braid hairstyle is that it looks like you spent good 30 minutes of your morning grooming routine but, it comes down to mere 30 seconds. Firstly, to add a little volume tease your hair at the crown and then side-part them in line with the arch of your eyebrow. Just start with three hair strands and work your way along your hairline, using the traditional braid styling method. As you reach the back side of your hair, secure them at the ends with bobby pins.  Simple does the trick!

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