Bad Posture Might Damage Your Health?

Good posture is about a lot more than giving you a greater look; your mood, your digestion, and even your working state may be influenced by it. Stand (and sit!) straight, and you will live in a healthier and happier life.


1. What is posture?

There are two types of posture, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH): dynamic posture (your body position when moving) and static posture (your body position when sitting, standing, or sleeping). Good posture means that your head sits above your shoulders and your shoulders are over your hips, a position that maintains a neutral spine, the NIH notes.


2. Thanks to high-tech

People tend to focus more on their phones or tablets, long-time focusing on these digital products puts great pressure on our necks and influences our health. Phones and tablets won’t go away, but attention must be paid to the health problems caused by bad posture.



3. Bad posture makes it hurt to move

Our muscle tends to align with our postures. When keeping in a bad posture day after day, our muscle remembers and get used to it. It accepts it as the new normal--which may cause problem to you. When your muscles become accustomed to being in a shortened position, it may hurt to move.


4. Bad posture makes you weak

Bad postures limit our strength, when keeping in a wrong posture, we can’t release our power, more badly, we may hurt our muscles. In PE. lessons, many of us may have been taught this by our teacher. So just keep in a good posture so that we can behave in a stronger way.


5. Bad posture brings you down

Bad posture keeps you in a bad state. Researches found that people who sat slouched had a tougher time thinking positive thoughts; sitting straight, on the other hand, helped them better access happier memories. Instead of letting the day get you down, sit and stand straightly to feel the good things around you.


6. Bad posture is hard on your lungs

Are you feeling that you have difficulties in breathing? Because of addiction in phones, the compression in our lungs is increased and respiratory function can be influenced, too. Drop your phones, change your postures, and breathe better.


7. Bad posture damages digestion

If you’ve ever been saddled with stomach symptoms, check your slouch. Sitting slumped after eating puts pressure on the abdomen that can trigger acid reflux and heartburn. It may also stymie digestion and even worsen constipation. You’d better sit straightly or take a walk for a while after eating to make you relaxed.

Health plays a big role in our lives, watch out your posture and don't let it damage your health.