3 Most Important Things You Must Know in Skincare

3 Most Important Things You Must Know in Skincare



For many of us, skin care is always an upgrading thing. Acne, anti-wrinkle, light streak, yellowing, etc. We always have skin problems to settle with.
However, the most important thing in skin care is always basic skin care!


1. Clean-- 90% of skin problems stem from improper cleaning

As a basic skin care step, the existence of cleansing is always ignored by us. We often think we can solve the cleansing problem with a usual facial cleanser. However, the importance of cleaning is far from this. When cleanliness is not done well, problems such as roughness, dullness, and acne muscles will show up. As for cleaning, pay attention to the following tips:


  • Use a mild cleaning product or just water in the morning and strong cleaning product in the night;
  • Use Amino acids cleanser to avoid soap base cleaning;
  • Clean with warm water rather than cold water without cleaning too many times a day;
  • Exfoliate one or two times a week (don’t do it too often).


 2. Hydrating – good hydration making you 10 years younger

Replenishment is known to everyone, but only a few people are treating it seriously. For most of us, hydration is done with lotion. However, dry lines, slackness, dullness, and lack of vitality will be our problems by doing so, even the makeup cannot be compliant in a dry state. Here are some tips for hydrating:


  • Winter needs more moist lotion to complete hydration work;
  • Choose skin care products that are refreshing in summer;
  • Apply hydrating masks about twice a week, don't apply it every day;
  • Dry skin people can equip you with a spray to relieve the skin's thirst.


 3Sun protection - 80% of aging comes from light aging

Sun protection is the most important one of the three because 80% of aging comes from light aging, and negligence about sun protection will cause wrinkles, sunburn, dullness and many other skin problems. People who insist on doing sun protection have a slower pace in aging while those who waive it look older than the other type. Here are some tips for sun protection:


● UV rays are everywhere at any time outside, remember to apply sunscreen every day;

● Sunscreen needs to be applied with coin size, protective forces will be shorted when the amount of sunscreen is not enough;

● Sensitive skin suits physical sunscreen better, oily skin can choose chemical sunscreen or  sunscreen of both type;

● When being outside, apply your sunscreen every 4 hours.


Do a good job at cleaning and hydrating and sun protection will benefit you a lot.

Basic skin care is the most important thing!


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